Luxury Bathroom Collection by Oasis

Nestled among the Friulian hills, in the North East of Italy, just 100 km far from Venice, there is the village of Polcenigo. Here, more than 100 years ago was born Oasis, company specializing in the design and manufacture of Home and Bathroom luxury furniture 100% made in Italy.
The Luxury Bathroom Collection by Oasis is an ode to the Art Deco period: it takes its main inspiration from the ‘20s and from the sophisticated “salle de bains” of the aristocratic villas dating back to the beginning of 1900s.? From that style, the Luxury Collection has seized the sensual and arabesque-like lines, the luxurious and refined atmosphere, the combination of different yet precious materials, as marble with metals or glass beside lacquers.? The carefully-chosen colours are warm, intense and exotic, inspired both by the Far East culture and by the velvets of European Renaissance’s gowns. From brocades and from the Arabic decorations Oasis has taken the decorative elements, such as the ribbed finish, the front doors’ appliques, the washbasins’ and taps’ shapes, the pretty and deeply decorative handles.? The complements, which integrate the Collection, instill a final precious touch recreating an authentic Deco-manner ambiance…
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